What We Do?

Startup Recruiting Strategy

Our experts can evaluate your needs, create a branding strategy to attract top talent, write effective job descriptions, recommend appropriate resources, and remove the cloud of confusion over what can and should be done to meet your hiring objectives within your budget.



Looking for an impossible-to-find candidate? Let our award winning sourcers scour LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other hidden databases to identify the right candidates for your job openings.


Resume screening

Inundated with resumes and no time to screen them? Our expert recruiters can come to your rescue and identify the best resumes from the piles.


Full cycle recruiting

Our expert recruiters can work onsite or offsite at competitive recruiting rates to identify, evaluate, and hire top talent. Don’t pay expensive headhunter fees or waste your own valuable time recruiting.


Contingency search

Sometimes you just need to hire a lot of people very quickly. Cost is not the biggest concern. You just need that elusive iPhone Developer, Product Manager or Art Director. Our contingency search people can find anyone, anywhere. Let them find exactly who you’re looking for and get them on board.